Can I make changes to my listing after it has gone live?
You can make changes at any time through your account – My Listings. Depending on which values you change the listing will either be updated immediately or need moderator approval before the changes appear.

What should I do if I’m having trouble submitting listings through your website?
Simply send us an email at team@helisearch.com and we’ll work on getting your listing up.

What language should my advert be in?
At the moment all listings have to be in English.

How long does the moderation process typically take?
Please allow one business day for listings to be moderated. If there is a problem with your listing we will contact you asking for additional information.

Why is the submission form so long and detailed?
We understand your concern and continually strive to make the submission process faster and easier. Unfortunately, due to the unique ability of searching helicopters for sale we need detailed information on every listing. To make your life easier we are happy to put up your listing for you. Simply contact us at team@helisearch.com

I want to list a helicopter, but it is already listed. What should I do?
We ask that you first contact the broker/owner that is currently listing the helicopter and try to settle your dispute amicably.

The broker won’t delist a helicopter that I have an exclusive marketing agreement for?
In this case, we will ask both parties to send us their brokerage agreement with the owner/seller.

Submitting a helicopter model which is not listed?
We always welcome new additions to our database. However, due to the nature our website runs we will most likely ask for a copy of that specific models RFM/POH, etc so we can enter the details into our database.