About Us

Helisearch is a trusted digital listing platform exclusively for helicopters.

Whether you are a helicopter owner, dealer or operator, Helisearch seamlessly connects you with potential buyers and lessees from your mobile device or desktop. With advanced search and filtering controls, it has never been easier to find the ideal helicopter for your operation.

Our Team

The founders of Helisearch have a rich background in both aviation and information technology. With previous roles including helicopter sales, helicopter pilot and web development — Helisearch is designed from experience.


Helisearch is based on the following principles that allow for a rich user experience.

Helisearch does away with placed/featured listings that automatically are placed above all other results regardless of their applicability. Instead, our adverts are sorted based on the submission date for a fairer system.

No clicking through numerous pages to get to the listings. The homepage has all the listings shown right away and when adjusting the filters, the results load seamlessly without having to reload the page.

We strive to keep our website looking fresh, aesthetic and modern for a more immersive experience.